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Real Estate

Castellare di Tonda’s real estate offer gives you a real chance to own a piece of the Tuscan countryside. You can  choose from several living options which will surely satisfy your dreram to have a home in Tuscany.

And it’s not only about living “la dolce vita” it’s also about being part of it and having the support of locals who live the Tuscan lifestyle for decades.

Among the many benefits of Castellare di Tonda’s real estate offer are also a direct deal with the Castellare ownership and discounts for you and your guests.


Aietta is located halfway between the Castellare di Tonda farm and the village of Montaione, making this medieval village perfect for families or private groups looking to relax in the tranquillity of their own private hamlet.

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La Casina

The simple yet delightful Tuscan interiors will delight you, as will the green open spaces and breathtaking landscapes that you can admire on each side of the property. The farmhouse has a large terraced area for barbeque and a panoramic swimming pool.

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