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Train and Trail week 2023

Castellare di Tonda has bred American Quarter Horses on the family estate for fifteen years. Our home bred and trained horses have competed throughout Italy, and gone on to find success in many different disciplines, including reining, cow horse, trail and pony games.  Our trainer Franco’s philosophy is to build a solid foundation with all our horses from the start,  to create a safe, responsive and balanced horse. The principles of this training philosophy can be adopted for any discipline.

Our Trail and Train program is suited for riders with an intermediate to advanced riding ability.

Franco and Marco  will teach  you techniques to assist in better communication with your horse, at any level of riding, in almost any discipline.

Lessons on our home bred and highly trained Quarter and Paint horses can include the following:

Mastering the four different reins, Flexation, Lead changes and differentiating between the two kinds of change, Body position, Hip control, Teaching the lead, Transitions, Collection at the lope, Speed control, Lateral work, Loose rein circles, Backing, Creating cadence with the horse, Teaching the word ‘woah’, Body position, Keeping the forehand light, Sliding stops (pre and post position), Spin work, Keeping the hindquarters planted, Forehand footfall, Following the nose (aids required for the spin), Adding speed to the spin, Sidepass, Effective problem solving techniques.

The trail rides each afternoon visit:

Castelfalfi village

The Bosco Gucci national park forest

Sughera and the old shepherds trails

Casina hamlet/Ansa protected forest trails

Castellares own 500 acre estate and vineyards.

Price for the riding package is € 605

Contact us for a full accommodation/meals/riding package tailored to your needs!