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Hiking trails around Castellare di Tonda

Castellare di Tonda is the ideal base for a walking holiday through Tuscany.

Walking Tuscan backroads and paths means you will automatically immerse yourself in the areas local culture. Travelling by two feet is as environmentally friendly as travelling gets, and highlights what’s great about responsible travel, getting you closer to the communities, without causing any damage along the way.

At Castellare di Tonda you can choose to walk as little or as much as you like. There is a wide variety of different paths offering startling views and an insight into the way of life in central Tuscany. The paths utilize of old trading routes along donkey tracks through the rich forests between Montaione and Gambassi Terme. The landscape you walk through is as varied as the views. Olive groves alternate with Mediterranean strawberry tree’s and chianti vineyards. Deeper into the hills is dominated by monumental beeches and Yew trees, some hundreds of years old.Tracks pass through working farms and small villages rich with history, passing monasteries, churches and the pristine Carfolo river.