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Castellare di Tonda Resort and Spa will make your stay even more relaxing. Visit our Wellness Center for a mind and body rejuvenating experience.

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Our Spa in Tuscany

Castellare di Tonda Resort and Spa will make your stay even more relaxing. Visit our Wellness Center in Tuscany for a soul and body rejuvenating experience.
Our gorgeous wellness spa area, a 200 square meter space that was inaugurated in 2008, offers the best services: sauna, Turkish bath, heated Jacuzzi with an unforgettable view, scented showers. Our qualified staff will help you to create a perfect experience and recommend special and customized natural treatments, which help restore harmony, energy and freshness.

We advice to book massages and treatments 72 hours or before writing an email to beauty@castellareditonda.com or calling this number:

0039 3318883069

To cancel reservations: you have to inform us at least 24 hours before your appointment; otherwise we’ll debit the entire sum to your account.

The Wellness Path (1 hour and 45 minutes stay)

The entrance to the Spa takes at the longest one hour and thirty minutes and includes the “welcome kit” within one bathrobe, one towel and slippers.

The Spa rises among the purest and the most virginal nature that inspires our philosophy. The services we offer to the customers are finalized to a genuine symbiosis with the green life through scents, sounds and silences.

Target price: € 32,00 On the cheap (If you have booked a treatment from our brochure): € 19,00

Kids and teenagers under 16 are not allowed to enter in the Spa area. Please tell us if you are pregnant: we have to take precautions.

Here’s the explanation of the activities you could do into the Spa area: Foot tub, Sauna, Steam Bath, Ice Cave, Emotional  and Aromatic Showers, Relax Area with teas, Panoramic and heated Jacuzzi.


Pamper yourself with the fragrances of Swedish spruce and a slice of nature that will wash away toxins and impurities as you blissfully melt away in the heat. Let your mind and body finally relax.


The perfect association of steam and heat, scented with essential oils and healing herbs dissolved into the steam, will wrap you in the powerful feeling of well-being.


Discover an incredibly stimulating and relaxing experience in our ice cave, nested in a characteristic setting of refreshing rocks and subtle lighting within a balsamic nebulised shower.


Energize yourself with a thermal jolt in the ice fountain after a hot sauna or a Turkish bath.


This treatment will reactivate your circulation, energize your muscles and balance the life within. Experience the feeling of true well-being. As you sit in a heated seat of stone, let the warmth offered by the rocks embrace you.


Colors and essential oils come together in a carefully selected mix to offer this energizing shower. Let the tensions ease away, relax and unwind.


Our heated Jacuzzi is located on a patio, allowing guests to admire the breathtaking views, as far as the eye can see. Indulge in a relaxing moment and restore your energy as you contemplate the infinite horizons around you.


Unwind in one of our heated, ergonomic beds facing the scenery. Practice silent meditation and contemplate the quiet and colors around you while you’re enjoying a cup of fragrant tea; make peace with yourself and the world around you.

Our professional staff will take excellent care of your mind, body and soul. Each treatment is transformed into a unique experience. Let yourself be pampered and forget about everything else.

We are proud to introduce you our exclusive brochure that encloses inside the charming and the ancient philosophy of the oriental disciplines. Born in the mists of time, the wisdom of Ayurveda straddles among the Asian cultures, resounding ‘til the Himalayan chain.
But we wanted more, and so we discovered the curative properties of Thai treatments, flourished in the Far East of Asia and recognized for their extraordinary results.
Another supporting pillar of our job is the selection of the products we employ: biological, eco-friendly,  paraben-free, colouring-free, animal friendly.
Yes, we use only the strength of Nature to pamper you.
The fragrances you will smell come from the purest essential oils (distilled by steam current) and from the natural ingredients contained in the products – flowers, powders, stalks, roots, leafs: a synergy that your skin and your mind won’t never forget.

Download our Ayurveda & Thai brochure here and choose your exclusive treatments!


Remember: for each treatment you book, you could have a Spa for € 19,00 instead of € 32,00.