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If you love the idea of horseback riding through magnificent Tuscan scenery have a look at our selection of enchanting rides to monasteries, castles and cattle farms.

Trail Rides in Tuscany 

Love the idea of discovering the magical beauty of the Tuscan countryside on horseback?

We have a wonderful selection of Trails to suit intermediate to experienced riders from 13 years and over. Our full day rides operate with a minimum of two people from April to the end of June and then again from September to the end of November. In the summer months we operate two hour trail rides early in the morning and in the late afternoon when the temperature is cooler for horses and riders alike.


                           Half day riding  Castellare di Tonda estate (2  hours) Price: 50€

The Castellare estate extends over 800 acres of pristine countryside. This two hour ride is one of our favorites, and allows riders the possibility to cross interesting and sometimes challenging terrain and enjoy spectacular views in each direction. In this ride you can take a canter along the estates tufo sand trails, ride past our herd of young horses in their massive 9 hectare turnout field, taste grapes straight off the vine while riding through the vineyards, and visit our beautiful emerald lake for a paddle with the horses.

Half day riding  Castelfalfi castle (2  hours) Price: 50€

Ride down deep into the canyon you cross the stream and ride up into Castelfalfi, a hilltop borgo and castle that was built by the Long bards. Learn about the mysterious legends that surround the castle as you ride up to its fortressed walls, passing the old chapel that holds the remains of a Medici princess. This is pure Tuscany; rolling vineyards, golden wheat fields and dense forests rich with color. It is not unusual to spot wild boar on this ride, and the stunning backdrop did not go unnoticed by the film director Bennini, who filmed his adaptation of Pinocchio here a few years ago

Half day riding  Artisans House (2  hours) Price: 50€

 Ride out following the old dirt trails of the estate towards Montaione, the main village of the area. Riding through rolling vineyards and farmland, you pass donkeys, ponies and chickens as you ride up to the artisan Ricardo’s house. If he is in you may have time for a viewing of his wonderful workshop of ceramic sculptures and etchings. After leaving his home, you enjoy a long and exhilarating canter along a soft grass track surrounded by fields of fragrant wildflowers, before riding into a long tunnel of tree’s that eventually breaks into the open and via wide fields of flowers, takes you home.

 Full day horse riding to San Vivaldo Monastery. (5 hours) Price: 100€

Spectacular horse riding along forest trails, creek crossings, open fields, abandoned ruins, and finally the highlight of San Vivaldo monastery. Here you tie the horses in a shady area, whilst you enjoy a picnic lunch in this extraordinary religious retreat. Constructed between 1500 and 1600 on ruins that date back to 1100, San Vivaldo became known as the Jerusalem of Italy. San Vivaldo was created to allow devoted Catholics the possibility to take a sacred pilgrimage without having to travel to Jerusalem (which at the time was controlled by the Turks, and was therefore very dangerous). Still a working Franciscan monastery, there are 18 chapels through the San Vivaldo Park; and each represents a part of the life and passion of Jesus Christ.

Full day Horse riding to a Chianina cattle farm and truffle plantation (5  hours) Price: 100€

Ride from Castellare di Tonda to Sughera, a small red colored village dating back to 1100, surrounded by rolling Tuscan farmland. Behind the village is an old merchant trail that will take you to Barbialla, a truffle plantation and Chianina cattle farm. The Chianina is one of the world’s oldest breeds of cattle and historically of immense cultural value to the Tuscans. After lunch at the farm you head home through ancient tufo trails with panoramic views over the rolling hills. As you ride you may pass a Sardinian shepherd and his flock of sheep, the final legacy of an old almost nomadic lifestyle.

Full day Horse riding to Pietrina Monastery(5 hours) Price: 100€

Ride out through olive groves and over rolling hills to Pietrina, an ancient medieval convent near Volterra. In the past “Pietrina” was called ‘Pietra’ whilst today that name indicates the opposite hill where the ruins of an old watchtower sit between the two lakes of Montaione. First recorded in a document from 1118, the sanctuary of Pietrina is all that remains of the ancient Castle of Pietrina. The sanctuary is built on a rocky spur and affords spectacular panoramic views of the Tuscan landscape and the nearby town of Volterra, an awe inspiring fortressed town perched high on an alabaster cliff. After lunch surrounded by Mediterranean brush filled with strawberry trees, you ride back to Castellare di Tonda along lovely tufo sand trails and passing huge rolling turnout paddocks where the foals can be seen grazing and playing at liberty.


Please note that due to Italian law children under the age of 14 years are not insured to be taken out on trail rides.